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Please read this FAQ first, here I will answer most popular questions

I purchased a Pack but my account still out of balance

We refill balance to email which was used for authentication (not payment email).

Did you offer kids voices?

No for now. When kids voices will be available we will add them to our cabinet.

Would it be possible to use on youtube for uploading for when buying a Personal pack?

No. For youtube you need to buy commercial Pack.

If you face errors with SSML, please try this first

1) Avoid symbol "&" - it can break your SSML code.

2) Be attentive of the double quote they always should be straight, not right or left aligned.

3) Always use <speak> </speak> tags - without these tags SSML would't work.

4) If your code still didn't work - copy example from cabinet page.

In 99% of cases SSML code works fine. If you can't fix problems by yourself just send me an email with full text/SSML code.

I have login problems

Please try different browser or visit authentication page

Commercial use terms

Do I need to have an active subscription to Notevibes to continue using the recorded sound files?

If files were created during active subscription you can use it without limits.

How to choose Notevibes Pack for a non-profit organization?

For a non profit purposes you can use personal pack.

I am unable to download my converted file

Please try different browser like Google Chrome

If you want to cancel your subscription, follow these steps:

1) Visit this page Billing Settings

2) Click the "Cancel" button

3) Confirm your choice

4) That's all!

Have any questions?

Please try to describe your problem in details

Drop me a line at