iSpeech Review

Pricing, Alternatives, and Competitors for 2021
Here we compare the most important features of iSpeech and Notevibes Review: Pricing, Alternatives, and Competitors for 2021

Text to speech technology has changed the way we learn. It has opened doors for many of us who have learning difficulties to understand written text better through listening. is a leading text to speech software with many features. Let's take a closer look at what offers.

✅ What is is a text to speech software available for multiple platforms. It has a free to use online text to speech tool which allows you to quickly convert written text into speech, which you can also download in a digital audio format if you register on the website. iSpeech also provides paid services that allow you to convert larger texts.

✅ Pros and Cons of iSpeech
Pros: Cons:
✅ Alternatives

There are many TTS software similar to These include competitors such as:


Free online version




Personal pack 9$
Commercial pack 90$/Month

From 50$
(Credit system 1 credit = 1 word)

Voice quality

Premium. Natural sounding.

Low quality. 

Multiple voices

150 voices 

60 voices 

Downloadable audio

Mp3 and Wav

Mp3. Require registration.

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✅ Why Choose

So, out of all the competitors out there in the market, why would you choose The answer is simple: it's just better. Notevibes is an affordable speech synthesis solution with prices starting from US $9 per month. It is also the most effective when compared to its competitors. The purpose of TTS is to make the process of understanding written text easier and more effective. It is also helps people with disability and kids suffering from dyslexia understand written content better. They can not only hear it read out for them, but also change the voice, tone, speed, etc. of the speech output!

Notevibes does this by giving you the most realistic reproduction of the human voice, making it much more effective in real-world situations. Notevibes is a perfect solution for both personal use and for businesses. Most importantly, it also has a very easy to use interface with 157 natural-sounding, high-quality voices available. Notevibes has lots of useful features such as pitch and voice tuning to control the pitch and voice speed of the speech. And it also features DJ voice creation for creating voice samples for music tracks, creating voicemail greetings and many more. You can use its file history feature to keep your files safe for 14 days so that you don't lose your audio. vs

For any speech synthesis system to be useful, it has to deliver results in real-world situations, like aiding people with learning disabilities. iSpeech is a good system but it lacks certain features that can be a deal-breaker for many. is clearly more effective here because it synthesizes voices that are similar to an actual human voice and makes understanding easier. The free online tool itself can convert 500 characters into speech and you can download it as an mp3 file.