OddCast Review

Pricing, Alternatives, and Competitors for 2021
Here we compare the most important features of Oddcast and Notevibes Software

OddCast Review: Pricing, Alternatives, and Competitors for 2020.
✅ What is OddCast?

Before we venture into what OddCast is, it is necessary to know what TTS is, properly. Text-to-Speech, as you may probably be aware, is an assistive technology that reads text on the screen out loud. With many applications, and lots of user benefits, the technology has slowly, but surely improved the quality of our lives.

OddCast is one such reputed developer of the technology. OddCast is also known for other services such as photo manipulation, translation and so on. They are essentially a media enterprise that provides a lot of services.

✅ Pros and Cons of OddCast

As you will read in the table below, OddCast has the strength of numbers. With TTS being developed in over 30 languages, with over 185 voices, the establishment is one that has come to be reliable.

However, their gripe lies in their presentation and the fact that none of what they boast is actually accessible directly from their website.

✅ Competition: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Several tech conglomerates have developed their own TTS technology, and each one comes with its own pros and cons. Thus, it is needless to say that the competition that exists among these developers comes as a boon to the consumer. However, in a bid to best one another, they come up with new services or go more in-depth into their TTS technology. Due to this, we have a wide range of options to choose from.

✅ OddCast Alternatives
Updated 03/13/20




Website UI

The website UI is clean

The website is extensive, however, there is not as much information there as we expect.

Voice quality

Premium. Natural sounding voices.

Poor. Low quality voices.


157; with different dialects from the same space, and different genders and so on.

185; More extensive, owing to the larger number of languages that can be read out loud.


18 Languages

27 Languages

Voice tuning




Personal pack from $9.
Commercial pack from $90

Not visible. By request.

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✅ OddCast vs Notevibes

With the current number of Text to speech software in the market, choosing the one you need can be a bit hard. This article aims to ease the process for you by comparing two TTS software - Notevibes and OddCast.

✅ Why Notevibes?

It’s clear from the table above that each one of the TTS developers has something unique to offer. While OddCast clearly has the strength of numbers, the quality that Notevibes promises, even as a young TTS service provider, is commendable. Note here that OddCast is essentially a media company that provides a lot of services including photo editing services.
Although they might be (or probably are) good with the various services, there is the possibility of them giving lesser priority to one of their services which could end up being TTS. However, Notevibes does TTS programming in-depth, and is growing slowly, but steadily.

Make your choice wisely, depending on what you want.