Text2speech Review

Pricing, Alternatives, and Competitors for 2019
Here we compare the most important features of Text2speech and Notevibes Software

Text-to-speech, or TTS, converters are a boon for plenty of people. They make a huge difference in the lives of those with visual impairment or dyslexia. They even help those learning a new language. In the years gone by, these tools used to be expensive and rare to come by. Today, they are available free of cost. One such software, the text2speech.org which we came across, caught our attention. We tried it so we could review it for those looking for the perfect text to speech tool. Read on to find out more.

What is text2speech.org?

This is an online text to speech converter which is free and simple to use. It isn’t the best out there, nevertheless, it is worth considering. What impressed us at first glance was the simple, fuss-free look. There are no complex steps to follow. You don’t need to create an account. Most of all, it’s easy to use, even for a layperson with no technical knowledge. With text2speech.org, less is more. While you can’t upload big documents, it works fine for lesser text. As it is a free software, there are limitations to the features it offers you. 

How can you use text2speech.org?

You can enter up to 4000 characters of text to its interface. You have a choice of voice which includes Male (US English, US English with a Scottish accent, Marathi and a low-quality US English version, for easy download) and Female (US English and Hindi). The reading speed comes with 5 options, ranging from faster to slower, although we couldn’t spot much of a difference between them.

Pros and Cons of text2speech.org


·         Simple, intuitive and a one-step process

·         No fancy features or complicated algorithms

·         Free of cost

·         No plans for a paid version

·         Instant availability of audio for listening and download (.mp3 and .wav formats)

·         Available in 3 languages – Spanish, German and English

·         Accurate


·         Average reading quality

·         Limitations in terms of characters

·         Complex words are difficult to understand when read

·         Features too basic, with not many voice options  or input formats

The above table compares the most noted features of text2speech.org’s competitors. Among them, Notevibes.com is a clear winner, with plenty of features and low pricing to boot.

Text2speech vs Notevibes Comparison

Updated 03/01/19
Features Notevibes Text2speech
Voices 79 6
Languages 15 2
Voice Quality Good. Natural sounding Standart. Natural sounding
Voice Tuning Yes Yes
SSML Support Yes NO
Interface Simple Average
MP3 Download Yes Yes
WAV Download Yes No
Personal Price from $7.9/month Free
Commercial Price from $79/month NO

Why choose Notevibes.com?

When it comes to text to speech software, what most of us look for besides pricing, are solid reliable features. Notevibes provides you with just that! The premium versions have great features and are lower-priced, compared to others like the TTSReader. Isn’t it cool that it’s not just restricted to plain voiceovers, but you can also add music and create voicemail greetings? It also scores above the rest since you can control not only the speed but also the pitch, of the speech. The quality of the voices on Notevibes is the best among the ones we tested, owing to its clarity and pronunciation.

In short, the text2speech.org software helps you enjoy someone else reading out to you. With plenty of competition out there, it’s better to choose a software which gives you high quality and the most features at the best prices. In other words, Notevibes.com fits the bill perfectly and we couldn’t be happier recommending it.