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Does a Notevibes is really good Natural Reader Alternative?
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NaturalReaders Review: Pricing, Alternatives, and Competitors for 2021

Text-to-speech, or TTS, is a speech technology that converts text to spoken voice. This technology is a boon to those with learning disabilities. It particularly helps those who have difficulties understanding written text. There are a number of choices in the market today when it comes to text-to-speech software. is a prominent TTS software that has made learning easier for several students. Let us take a closer look at its main features.

✅ What is NaturalReaders? is a flexible text-to-speech software that is easy to download. While its functions are similar to other TTS software, stands out because of its ease of use. Unlike other TTS software, you don’t need to copy and paste the text. Here, you can simply select any text and press the hotkey. The software will then read aloud your text in different languages.

Natural reader text to speech allows users to read from scanned images and documents with the Optical Character Reader tool. Additionally, the software is available in both mobile and desktop versions across a wide variety of platforms. Like its competitors, the paid version of the software allows you to create and save a sound file of a text. It also lets you embed the tool within an application’s toolbar.

✅ Pros and Cons of
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✅ NaturalReaders text to speech alternatives:

When opting for a good TTS software, you must consider several options. Thankfully, there are many useful alternatives available for with similar features. Here is a list of a few good alternatives:

NaturalReader vs Notevibes Comparison

Updated 03/13/20
Features Notevibes Natural Reader
Voices 157 61
Languages 18 18
Voice Quality Premium. Natural sounding Good. Natural sounding
Voice Tuning Yes Yes
SSML Support Yes Yes
Interface Simple Average
MP3 Download Yes Yes
WAV Download Yes No
Personal Price from $9/month from $9.9/month
Commercial Price from $90/month from $99/month
Claim your promo code for Notevibes (-10%): NRS10
✅ Why you should choose Notevibes?

First of all, is widely regarded as the fastest online voice generator. It comes with high-quality natural voices. Its interface is vivid and user-friendly. With Notevibes,  you can enter up to 5,000 characters for free, and choose from over 18 languages. In the paid version, you will have the option to use 157 voices. 

In addition to this, also has an IVR Voice Generator with realistic voices. Even if you choose to upgrade to its paid version, Notevibes is quite affordable compared to its competitors. It can easily be purchased for only $9 a month.


Moreover, it is expensive when compared to its alternatives.

On the other hand, Notevibes is the best free text-to-speech software in the market. It is perfect for e-learning and essay reading. Plus, it comes with word pronunciation training. Its tools will help you break down a difficult-to-read text into something easily understandable.

Between NaturalReaders v Notevibes, you should consider Notevibes. It is affordable. It is perfect for business broadcasting. Most importantly, it has the widest range of features among its competitors. In conclusion, should be your first choice of TTS software if you want to take your reading skills to the next level.