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Convert your text to 201 natural sounding voices. Free Mp3 Download.

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Make Human-like voiceovers for your videos

Save your time and money using Notevibes over hiring professional voiceover artists.

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Sales Videos

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Training Videos

swedish text to mp3

Educational Videos

Use our text to voice generator to make videos with natural sounding voices.
These videos can be placed on YouTube, Vimeo or personal website.

Use Powerful text to audio editor

Convert text to speech with swedish accent in seconds using an advanced editor with a Simple and Clean interface.

Advanced editor

Add Pauses in one click
Change Speed & Pitch
Emphasis and volume control
Save audio as MP3 or WAV
201 natural sounding voices
[English] and 25 other languages

Create audio files for commercial use

Notevibes allows you to redistribute the generated audio files even when a subscription expires. Our AI-powered text to mp3 software will cover all your business needs.


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IVR systems

Text to Speech Voices

We use only premium voices for our text to speech software. Now available 201 high-quality voices and 22 Languages and the number is still growing.

Available Languages: English, British English, Australian English, Indian English, German, Spanish , Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese, Danish, Swedish, swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese.

Why do you need to choose Notevibes?

201 Natural voices

We use only high quality natural voices for our text to speech website.

swedish voice generator

Generate realistic male and female voices on the fly.

Commercial purposes

Notevibes allows you to redistribute the generated audio files.

Advanced editor

Customize your speech with pitch and voice speed controls. Make your speech faster or slower, take control of voice volume.

Save audio as mp3 or WAV

Save your generated files as mp3 or WAV with one click.

High-fidelity speech synthesis

Take exclusive access to WaveNet Voices from DeepMind.

Voicemail Greeting

Create voicemail greetings in different languages with tone and intonations.

Add Background Music

Add background music to your audio files using SSML tags.

Files History

Keep your files safe for 14 days. Never lose your audio.

IVR voice generator

Empower your IVR system with realistic voices forget about robotic text to speech.

Youtube video voiceover

Use audio files in YouTube videos voiceover for personal or public.

Read text aloud

Use it for e-Learning or essay reading, word pronounces training.

DJ voice creation

Create voice samples for your music tracks.

Create voices for Games

Build own character in-game dialogues with different voices.

Broadcast for business

Broadcast for business from metro to airport.